Love Assassins – Teardrops – Fonzerelli Remix

Big In Ibiza’s resident DJ / Producers Love Assassins unleash their unique twist on Womak & Womak’s “Teardrops” with the gorgeous JoBabe showcasing her vocal talents and ‘We Will Rock You’ & Eric Clapton guitarist Alan Darby flawlessly providing the guitar riffs. Fonzerelli provides 3 uniquely different remixes under three different guises, Yer Man, Blackstone and Fonzerelli and leads the package alongside mixes from Agent X, Love Assassins and more.

Fonzerelli throws everything at the mix to create a full on no holds barred uplifting club mix with big pumping, funky basslines and soaring riffs filtering in and out with the vocals. This a high energy house at its finest. Yer Man takes things dark & pumping with a driving hypnotic electro bassline complementing the vocals perfectly which hauntingly spin around, build and drop before the spine-tingling uplifting electric guitar riff takes off for immense peak time dancefloor action.

Jason Nevins “Man Aaron [Fonzerelli] really f***ing killed your record…GREAT, GREAT JOB!!!so cool!BIG drums! Ill definitley play it!!”

Tom Stephan “Yer Man mix is very cool”


1) Fonzerelli Remix
2) Yer Man Remix
3) Love Assassins Mix
4) Beautiful Mix
5) Blackstone Remix
6) Agent X Remix
7) Pedro De La Fiesta Remix
8) Sy & Unknown Remix
9) Impact Remix
10) Kenzie & Cobain Remix
11) Bass Slammers Remix

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Love Assassins – Teardrops (Fonzerelli Radio Edit)

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