Fonzerelli “Dreamin’ (Of A Hot Summers Night)” Video

Following huge club and specialist radio support last summer Fonzerelli’s sun drenched anthem “Dreamin’ (Of A Hot Summers Night)” has notched up an impressive 106,000+ views on just one post of the Official Video on YouTube! The stars of the video Sean Young (18 year old) and stunning Lina provide the eye candy and immediately hit it off after meeting in the sweltering summer heat of Barcelona for filming where they both must have won the accolade for the most amount of kisses ever on a music video shoot. The film crew even came up with the phrase Kisses Per Minute (KPM) to describe the searing heat and sexual chemistry that is evident between Sean and Lina throughout the video. Check it out…

On his first trip abroad, Sean was immediately put on the spot when asked to kiss the beautiful, older Lina. The two went on to shoot 3 days of steamy footage in separate locations around the romantic Spanish city.

When the film crew arrived on set they immediate hit disaster… the originally cast French lead actress called to say she had been stopped by Passport Control leaving Paris and there was no way she’ll make the three day schedule. Time to panic? Yes. The Big In Ibiza crew had no other option but to spend the next few hours manically scouring the city for any sexy and talented young actresses they could find! Finally at the 11th hour, the beautiful and stunning Lina came to the rescue. The self proclaimed bohemian had saved a few peoples skin just in time and went on to shoot three days and nights of steamy action in and around Barcelona’s romantic skyline and her good looks have gone on to become an integral part of a music video.

After the three days of intense shooting, Sean and Lina headed down to Barcelona’s exclusive Opium Lounge where after a few drinks in the V.I.P. Sean even got the chance to meet his football hero, Ronaldinho who happened to be partying at the table next to them! A week of sun, sexy video shoots, beautiful women and partying with Brazilian football legends…we don’t think it gets much better than that for your first holiday!

FonzerelliDreamin’ (Of A Hot Summers Night)” is out now on all good download stores.

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